CompuGolf Studio Technology

 We wouldn’t be CompuGolf without it!


CompuGolf implements several new technologies with instruction to show you the facts about your swing and ball flight. Removing the guesswork gets to root causes faster, and makes improvement through observation of data. Below are some of the technologies at the disposal of your CompuGolf trainer:


We use SwingCatalyst video analysis in conjunction with FlightScope and the SwingCatalyst force plate to record your swing in slow-motion.



FlightScope provides instant feedback on ball flight, trajectory, and spin, while SwingCatalyst gives a full motion analysis.


SwingCatalyst has a pressure force plate, allowing your weight distribution to be tracked throughout your swing. SwingCatalyst creates a “heat map” of your feet and synchronizes this with your slow motion video. Proper weight transfer is the only way to maximize impact.



The force plate tells you how you really are balanced, not just how you think you are balanced. Center of Gravity is also measured, and this helps to see whether any of your power is “leaking” without knowing it.

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5 GolfZon simulators are available for lessons, training, club fitting and simulation rounds of golf at world’s top 160 courses.  The simulation bays are available for rental.

While not a computerized system, one more technology helps set CompuGolf apart. We have an adapter system that gives us the ability to match up many different manufactured driver heads with any shaft we want to try out. This means that you can get the shafts that are right for your game and your swing without compromising for the 3 or 4 they let you choose off the shelf. Don’t settle for good enough; get the RIGHT club!

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CompuGolf also uses laser tools that help with putter fitting. You use a putter the most, so make sure you get it fit for your game!



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