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2017 Serena Shah:  SMU Golf Team Signing day. Achieving her goal

Ilhee Lee winning her first LPGA tour event. Achieving her dream.

Kolton Baber Signing day with MSU Golf Team

Sean Mello: First win 2017


Danny Lee: 1St win as a pro. Achieving the dream of getting a PGA Tour card


Symran Shah: Lots of wins 2017 – getting ready for High School golf


How we differ from  other facilities:

  • We offer the latest technology so kids can learn tactically
  • We teach golf to promote STEM and Biomechanics.
  • STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Medicine
  • We help Juniors become athletes, not just golfers
  • Mental approach, discipline, self-respect, game management
  • Technology: GolfZon Simulator, Swing Catalyst force plate and Flight Scope launch monitor.
  • GolfZon simulator makes learning fun. It’s a hybrid of video game and real golf. 
  • We offer a proven methodology that gives kids a blueprint for success
  • We teach kids exact causes and effects within the dynamics of the golf swing
  • Kids will know what they need to fix, and why they have tendencies, and how to fix them
  • Each student (Junior or Tour Player!) has inefficient moves in swing, lessons, practice sessions. Using our latest technology and methods, we help students learn their inefficiencies and how to get rid of them

With these processes and methods, our teaching help kids use their natural skill to its fullest potential.


Email – bill@compugolfcenter.com

Text – 972-849-9178




Club fitting for kids

Q0: Why is club fitting appropriate for kids? A0: Unlike other facilities, we put the swing in front of the equipment. We want juniors to be fitted to reinforce the correct swing. We do not believe that clubs should be a compensation tool for kids; that reinforces swing flaws. If you give a Junior a club that hides a swing flaw, they’ll have that flaw into adulthood. Q1: Are custom clubs for kids really worth the money? A1: Yes! The quality of off-the-shelf kids’ clubs are far inferior to “adult” clubs. With the same club head speed, you could be losing 20 or more yards or more. With irons, you could be giving up a lot of accuracy. Q2: At what age do I give them adult club heads? A2: Right now! The head of a club isn’t supposed to change, since the ball is the same size; youth or adult. Why handicap kids with inferior club heads? The shafts may differ in length and weight, but club heads should still be matched at any age. Q3: Are shafts that important for kids? A3: Absolutely! At shorter lengths, the shaft has to flex and bend in ways similar to adult clubs, and simply trimming an adult shaft will give inconsistent results. This can cause weighting issues and tempo inconsistency. Simple fitting and proper cutting makes a greater difference with Juniors than at any age. Q4: Do I really need to customize before they go though a growth spurt? A4: Usually, yes! Adjustments can be made along the way to have clubs fit, particularly in lie angles. Some kids grow faster than others, but if things get too far off, they’ll learn bad compensation tendencies that will need to be fixed later. A constant proper fit will reduce the tendency to change incorrectly as they grow. Q5: Should I stabilize their golf swing before going through a custom club fitting? A5: Like braces, you wouldn’t wait for teeth to set before changing them. Getting properly fit clubs while Juniors are in the process of growing into their swing will help them remain athletic. Keep them fit now, and when they’re full size they won’t be fighting tendencies later. Q6: How much more distance will they get after changing out a shaft? A6: It depends, but we’ve seen 25+ yards going from an off-the-shelf junior set driver to a properly fit driver and shaft. There are many factors, not the least of which is quality control for junior clubs.

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