Custom Swing Instruction

CompuGolf’s Instructional Advantage

Our teaching philosophy is based on biomechanical research with tour players and golfers of every skill level.

Golf instruction is not subjective. Golf instruction is objective. There is, in fact, a best way to instruct players to strike a golf ball, and CompuGolf teaches it.

A bold statement? Maybe it is. Your experience with an instructor might be simply a textbook example. Copy a method, because it worked well for someone. Be more like a particular tour player. Or maybe you’ve gone to an instructor to “fix” something. Correct a bad behavior, make a singular change, fix your slice…

CompuGolf teaches less than this. Golf is simple, and the swing is simple, yet unique to every person who walks in. When it comes to instruction, there is only one true way. It is not to emulate, mask, or replicate. To truly understand the best way to play golf, you must learn what your swing is capable of without being bound to bad habits. CompuGolf will “unwind” those habits. Starting with your golf swing, data is collected and reviewed, and adjustments are made to swing correctly.

We have the latest technology in:

-Biomechanic Software
-Launch Monitor
-Force Plate / Balance Technology

So what is correct? Simply, it is what achieves the most correct bio-mechanical output. Your swing, maximized. The philosophy isn’t about applying additional layers of duct tape and bandages to your game; that makes it harder to do what you should. A correction is just making a second mistake to balance the first.

Don’t compensate by just buying a new draw-biased driver simply because you have a slice. Ditch the slice. Don’t buy the next fix on television, or the next gimmick in a magazine. For true optimization of your game, come see us. If you’re looking to test drive our instruction, start out with our 4-hour session and fitting. You will get a full assessment of your swing, your equipment, and talk about how that fits with your goals. During the session, we will work with you to make some adjustments and see if your equipment fits your swing, and whether it’s preventing you from reaching your potential.

Contact us today, and get started!