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 The CompuGolf Equipment Fitting System


Can’t make it to Dallas?
The next best thing to seeing us in person is to do an online fitting. If you can send us your launch monitor information and a video of your swing, we will put that information into our fitting software and give you our recommendations. We can then build the equipment to the specifications, giving you a much better fitting than any of the choices you could just order. Call us, and we’ll tell you more. +1 (972) 242-7888

Using the results from the TPT Golf equipment testing, CompuGolf has developed the first component based equipment fitting system. Golf Performance System. (GPS)

  1. Our process begins with an evaluation of your golf swing, identifying your swing errors, and deterring the swing path and speed components of your swing. Since your golf shaft selection is dependent upon this information, it is a critical part of the process.
  2. The next step is to identify the current equipment that you are currently using. Since the ball launch results are dependent on your current equipment, it is critical That this information be collected.
  1. Once this is done, you will need to take 10 swings, with the ball and club results Recorded with video and a launch monitor.
  1. Your teacher or equipment fitter can then use the data base to Determine your proper club head, shaft, and ball. They can use the entire equipment database, or select specific club heads, shafts, or balls. The resulting fit identifies the best three results for each component.
  1. Your teacher or equipment fitter can then have you try any combination of the Suggested components to determine the one that “feels” the best. Once the final selections are made, the entire wood club set is displayed. Once your set makeup is completed, and the grip selected, the fitting moves on to the iron fitting. The same process is employed by having you hit a 6 Iron as the launch and video results are collected.Once the entire club set is determined, the purchase is confirmed on-line, and the specifications are forwarded, via the internet, to CompuGolf for fulfillment. In addition, all of the fitting results are sent to the CompuGolf website for you to review at any time. Finally, since CompuGolf stands behind its product with a performance guarantee, you are assured of a successful fitting process. If you are not satisfied with the results, CompuGolf will work with you to resolve the problems.
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