2011 FedEx Cup Barclay’s – data collection on the range


Our objective as a performance center, is to help everygolfer, regardless of skill level, improve their game. CompuGolf was founded with the following beliefs:

  1. Every golfer just wants to play better golf.
  2. Better swing or new clubs? Ideally we want both. Like tour players, we want to improve our swing and optimize our performance with custom fitted clubs.
  3. Most of us are not tour players and many of us have physical and time constraints. Therefore, most of us will settle for any improvement and we don’t care if it comes from changing our swing or equipment.
  4. We want to better understand and quantify the causes and effects of the swing and equipment change on our performance.
  5. Golfers are tired of getting fooled by the latest and the greatest new swings and clubs.

How do we achieve our objective?

In short, we let the data do the talking.

The first step in evaluating your swing is getting a baseline. We will collect your data on your swing, and we’ll do that with top industry tools, such as real-time video capture and analysis and FlightScope X2 launch monitors. We capture from driver all the way through the bag to get an accurate basis from long to short.

After achieving your opening profile, we’ll start with whether you’re in the correct shaft for your swing. Why shaft? It’s going to have the most impact on tactical performance. It is the part of the club that reacts to your swing, and if that is optimal, your ball flight will be optimal. We’ll find out if your shafts are making you hit too low or too high, as both will reduce your total distance. Also, if it’s too stiff or not stiff enough, you may be causing directional problems at launch.

When you’re talking with us, make sure you let us know where you play. If you’re in the Dallas area most of the time, you probably have noticed how hard the ground can be. You might want to make sure your driver shaft plays with a little less spin than what you might want in wetter areas. See Bill’s Blog about adjustable drivers for more information.

Once a shaft stiffness and frequency have been determined, then the correct type of club head can be fit. Maybe you’ll need a lot of offset in your irons, or maybe you’ll want to remove it. Maybe your driver head can be optimized by updating it, and maybe you don’t need to change a thing. We’ll go over your options, and what you’ll actually get if you spend money on equipment. This isn’t buy it and hope; this is try it and see it on the scope. There isn’t guesswork involved, and you’ll have total confidence in the equipment you are playing.

If you do decide to purchase new equipment, it comes with our 100-Day Performance Guarantee. We will make sure it’s absolutely right, or we’ll get it right. No one offers a guarantee like this. Only CompuGolf lets you play your new clubs, and gives you over three months to make sure they are right for you.

After you have the best equipment in hand, we’ll also make sure you’re using the right ball. Don’t guess at which color box of balls to buy, and don’t simply assume the compression ball you’re using is best. CompuGolf has done the testing, and that’s the testing Golf Digest uses for their Hot List for golf balls. Use our research, and get the results.

You’re done, right? Not at all. This is where CompuGolf takes you to the next level.

With a swing and biometric analysis complete, we start talking about solutions for your game. CompuGolf will provide you with TWO solutions; the “Compensation Solution” and the “Reinforcement Solution”.


We’ll provide what would be the absolute optimal solution for your game without making any swing changes. You’ll get a complete recommendation for what equipment changes you should make, and those will help you best compensate for what your swing does. The solution is recommended for two types of players; those who are really busy and rarely practice, and those who are at very low handicaps or are tour players who don’t want to make swing changes. These players will get an unbiased recommendation for what they should have, and can either purchase or take this information back to their coach/manager/sponsor.


For other players, the second pillar of improvement is to view equipment as a reinforcement tool. Here’s a quick, simplified example:

A player has a tendency to slice drives. She is relatively consistent in her slice, and aims accordingly.

Compensation: Recommend a draw-bias head, or a shorter driver shaft, or a lower stiffness in the shaft.

Reinforcement: Offer corrective instruction on swing path, and recommend equipment that would optimize even more distance if the swing was corrected, likely without a draw-bias head.

If you’ve been swinging with bad posture for ten years, we aren’t going to fix your bad posture in ten minutes or even ten hours. But with our instruction, we can start getting you there. And instead of recommending equipment that covers up your posture and the associated problems, we can offer instruction that helps you get away from bad habits, and find the right equipment that helps you break your bad habits and helps reward you when you improve.


Contact us today, and ask about our 4-hour equipment fitting and screening session. We can break it up into two different times or do it all at once if you’re coming into the DFW area for our services. Just remember to stretch out a little before your session to get the best results.