CompuGolf Bio Mechanical Reseaech

Elite Junior Bio Mechanics Research 

(Free to participate, a $1000 Value)


Calling all Elite Junior Players and Coaches! We are looking for 50 volunteers (ages 10-18) to participate in CompuGolf’s bio mechanical research. All participants will receive a free bio mechanical evaluation, $100 gift certificate for CompuGolf services, and a chance to meet Dr. Kwon at Texas Women’s University for more in depth research! Details on how to sign up below. All player coaches welcome.



Purpose of Research 


To find out how driver shafts change the kinetic sequencing of golf swings for Elite Junior Players. After running similar tests for tour players, CompuGolf has found matching a players swing profile to the correct driver shaft (weight, torque, length, stiffness, bend profile) optimizes bio mechanical efficiency and produces a better swing. We would like to collect more data on different swing profiles at the Elite Junior level to further validate this theory.





How Research is Conducted


Players will bring their coaches and spend 30 minutes hitting with different driver shafts on our Swing Catalyst system. We will consult with player coaches to recommend different bio mechanical changes and driver shafts to optimize swing efficiency based on the data. The players will then be asked to return to CompuGolf at two later dates to measure changes and improvement in swing efficiency based on these recommendations. Analytical swing data will be collected using Swing Catalyst video playback and pressure plate, FlightScope launch monitor and the Golfzon Simulator.



Benefits for Player

Our research with tour players told us that using incorrect driver shafts alter the kinetic sequencing and bio mechanics of your golf swing.  We would like to help Elite Junior golfers with this problem. By participating in our research, all Elite Junior Players will receive:

  • Customized bio mechanical evaluation based on swing profile
  • Recommendation for correct driver shaft to optimize kinetic sequencing
  • Free $100 gift certificate for CompuGolf Services
  • Some candidates will be brought to Dr. Kwon at Texas Woman’s University to collect more thorough swing data



Selection Process

 Please send an email to with the following player information:

  • Name and age
  • Videos of golf swing (we are looking for certain types of swings)
  • Tournaments played in last 12 months, place finished
  • Name of instructor if you have one




We look forward to seeing you at CompuGolf soon!

Questions? Please call 972-242-7888(PUTT) or email