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2013 – Time to upgrade to an adjustable driver

2013 is a good year to upgrade your driver. Every major company has a great new adjustable driver in their lineup. Just like the typewriters and non-touch screen smart phones, non-adjustable drivers have officially become extinct this year. Most companies only make adjustable drivers today with lofts ranging from 8 to 12 degrees, 3 degrees of variable face angle and many shaft options.
Here are some benefits of upgrading to an adjustable driver.
• The golf swing is organic just like our body; therefore, adjustable driver can help us adapt to the changes our body goes through during a typical golf season. We all experience some changes in our weight, strength and flexibility during a golf season. We can change the shaft, loft and face angle to adapt to the changes without having to buy a driver. It allows us to have multiple shafts to adjust for changes in our body and swing.
• Adjustable drivers allow us to optimize the launch variables to adapt to the changing course turf conditons, weather and wind. When we build drivers for tour players and competitive junior golfers, a secondary low launch shaft is built for them to lower the ball flight without changing the club head or their swing.
• It is not an instant cure for a 25 yard slice. However, if your club face at impact is within plus or minus 3 degrees being squared at impact, you will hit more fairways.
• You could use the face angle adjustability as a training aid to fix your swing mechanics. If you really want to fix your slice, open the club face. If you want to fix a hook, close the club face 3 degrees. Why? If you open the club face with a slice swing, you will slice the ball 15 to 20yards more. The only way to hit the ball straight is to change the swing mechanics to hit the ball straighter. It is counterintuitive but it is very effective way to create long term change.
• This may sound as confusing as programing a VCR, but a knowledgeable instructor/club fitter could help you pick the right combination to optimize your drives. Adjustable driver allows you to isolate each club variable to measure the effectiveness of changes in the loft, face angle and the shaft.
What are the best adjustable drivers in 2013? And does the adjustability really work?
Here are the best adjustable drivers selected by CompuGolf based on human testing and mechanical testing. Please remember that maximizing the club head speed and ball speed comes from finding the right shaft for a given swing. Our criteria for selecting the best driver are only based on the measured effectiveness of the adjustability on the new drivers.
Best driver
1st Place – Taylormade R1. This is the 3rd straight year R series drivers have won 1st place because of its technical advancements in adjustability. The effective change in loft and face angle still works the best. This is still the iPhone of clubs.
2nd Place – Callaway Razr Fit Extreme. Callaway has made a nice come back last 2 years with the Razr fit series. It is a very close second to the R1. If you don’t like the white head, this is the club for you.
3rd Place – Titleist 913 Series. They made great improvements in bringing the spin down from previous models.
Happy hunting for 20 more yards! And Good luck.

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